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We are a leading wood box manufacturer of custom wooden packaging. Our mission is to create wood packaging that is memorable, cost effective, and responsibly uses our natural resources for environmentally friendly manufacturing.

We have built wooden boxes for wine, beer and spirits, cigars, soap, candles, smoked salmon, tea and coffee, machine parts, pharmaceuticals, DVDs, books, flowers, pies and cakes, and so much more. Please browse our site for ideas on how wood packaging can enhance your product.

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Let the Box Tell Your Brand’s Story

Packaging your promotional item or corporate gift in a wooden box ensures your logo and message will stick around long after the product inside has been used.

Wooden gift boxes are used time and time again for display, decoration, or for future gift giving. Not only are they an environmentally conscious way to give a gift, they’re a perfect compliment to promotional items.

Make the packaging part of the presentation.

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